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This is the Book Design

Detailed designing and graphic perfection are top priority in Studio Stacks website deisgnsThe website you are looking at right now is set up on the Book design. The Book design is a very clear website design by Studio Stacks. This design has two very unique and striking features. The first is the very clear and obvious navigation of this site. Placed prominently at the top, none of your visitors will ever have to wonder how to get to a certain page on your website.

The second feature of this design is the image placed over the full width of the bottom of the site. Every page page can have its very own image placed in the bottom. And when a page doesn’t have this image set, then automatically the image set on the frontpage will be used here. Of course you will have to set an image on the front page. You can just upload any image to be used in the bottom of your page. Your website is smart enough to resize this automatically so it will be a perfect fit. Of course the image will need to be big enough to cover the entire width of the website.

Web design by Studio Stacks