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This is the Paper Mechanics design

Detailed designing and graphic perfection are top priority in Studio Stacks website deisgnsThe website you are looking at right now is set up on the Paper Mechanics design. The Paper Mechanics design is a very clear website design by Studio Stacks. This design has a few very unique and striking features. The first is the very clear and obvious navigation of this site. Placed prominently at the top, none of your visitors will ever have to wonder how to get to a certain page on your website.

Another feature of this design is are the submenus. When a page has underlying pages, or subpages, a menu will automatically appear on the right side of a page. When you click on the link to any of the subpages in the submenu, the active page will be highlighted by a ribbon being placed over the link. Click around a bit to see this in action or have a look on the website design page.

Web design by Studio Stacks